Juan Galindo

As a financial professional, Juan sees the lifelong impact of retirement planning—or lack of planning—every day. He has served the needs of his clients for nearly 12 years, and feels blessed to have helped so many families plan for the days when they don’t have to work.

Juan is married and has three wonderful intelligent children-Denilson (15), Alessandro (12) and Iker (4). Juan has lived in Southern California for 18 years. Two and a half years ago Juan transitioned his wonderful family to Parkland located in Sunny South Florida where he continues to explore the area to find his next great adventure.

During his spare time, Juan enjoys playing soccer (which is his favor sport), he enjoys coaching his sons’ sporting events, playing tennis and going to the beach. Any outdoor activities that he can involve his family in is what he truly enjoys. The family also enjoys vacationing, and volunteering in the local community.

Juan has chosen to specialize in working with federal employees because of their unique planning needs. Guiding and helping them to balance their exceptional government benefits combined with their sometimes complex financials.
Through extensive training, Juan has learned the particulars of the various federal benefit programs and has been of great help to federal families to make the most of those benefits—both while working and in retirement.